Posted by VERITAS
After what turned out to be a good sleep overall, so many things on my mind, so many possibilities and the morning is quickly starting to feel so totally scattershot … so I go into what I think of as Tea Ceremony Mode, focusing on useful physical activities – on folding blankets, stacking them on top of the low bookcase next to my futon; on folding and putting away laundry; on preparing and eating the rest of my breakfast, after waiting for the three mikan, which I ate (I hesitate to say enjoyed since, though I did experience some brief, momentary pleasure from their taste as I quickly consumed them, I could, had I focused on the eating, have appreciated this pleasure far more deeply) shortly after waking, to digest; on brushing my teeth; on washing, drying, and putting away the dishes; and so on.

Without employing this centering mode, I’m quite sure that my entire day might become scattershot.