Let’s Go Home With the Crows

Posted by VERITAS
. . . Karasu to issho ni kaerimasho – “Let’s go home with the crows” – lyrics from the song always played in this country, or, at least, in the Tokyo area, over public loudspeakers precisely at 5:00pm; plaintive, even somewhat, to me, melancholic; the lyrics addressed to children to get them to come home — melancholic to me, of course, since so much of my childhood loneliness and melancholy had its origins at home.

(Of course it makes no sense that the music should be played at 5:00pm every evening — it should, of course, be coordinated, day by day, with the lengthening and shortening of the day, the changing time of the sunset, but 5:00pm it is, every single day of the year!)