Resonance of Gentleness

Posted by VERITAS
I arrive late to a meeting of an NPO I sometimes volunteer for and a woman arranges the cushion of the empty seat next to hers, offering it with a gentle smile as she does so.  This act of kindness so makes my day!

Gentleness – so sweet a feeling!

… which makes me think of my mother’s gentleness – how sweet it must have felt when I was an infant, toddler … and how wretched it must have felt, as well, to experience the contravention of its blessings by the ravages of my father’s sexual abuse – a contravention that could have occurred in any number of ways, including my mother punishing me – spanking me, verbally chastising me, etc. – when I acted out by, say, obsessively masturbating, or, say, directing my anger towards my mother by punching her, throwing my bowl, cup, food at her … Since she was blind, and/or turned a blind eye to, the abuse, she couldn’t see my acting out behavior for what it was; could only see it as being misbehavior on my part without thinking of its possible rationale.