Quotidian E Path

Posted by VERITAS
A thought, not for the first time, about the “path to enlightenment,” had, this time, while walking home from the local exercise center on sunny day:
That some average-seeming, unexceptional people — possibly, even, a substantial number of such people — may be able to achieve enlightenment of a scope and depth equal to that of the most skillful, renowned, and “enlightened” practitioners of various disciplines — ranging from yoga to qigong to meditation — known for facilitating enlightenment.
And that it may, at least in many cases, be precisely the most skillful, renowned, and “enlightened” practitioners of such enlightenment-facilitating disciplines who in fact need such disciplines the most in order to achieve degrees of enlightenment which, in fact, may be no greater than those achieved by many people who practice none of these disciplines at all, or practice them only casually.