Perve Angst

Posted by VERITAS
While having a green tea soy latte, no syrup, no hot water — all soy milk — at Starbucks with a friend …
“Jeez I wish I could nail that bastard!”
He’s talking about a PE teacher at his child’s international school — a teacher some of the school’s elementary school students have told the school nurse (according to what the nurse had told my friend’s child, who’s in middle school) had been fondling them.
“Fucking perve! And the fucking hell of it is, he’s still there!” My friend shakes his head as he takes another sip of his espresso. “Seems to me the nurse hasn’t done a damn thing except tell older students like my son. Or, for all I know, maybe she’s told the principal and the principal hasn’t done a damn thing, most likely because he doesn’t want to have to deal with the damage to the school’s reputation if it were to come out in the media–traditional, social, or both. Or maybe he doesn’t want the parents to know, and the ones of the kids who’ve been abused especially.”
My friend takes another quick sip, shakes his head some more.
“Whatever the reason or reasons, the bottom line is: the fucker’s still there, and — can you fucking believe it? — still teaching PE to the elementary school kids! And without a damn thing happening to him it seems.” …
… Shaking his head … “Why, just the other day the school had its sports day, and there the bastard was, smiling, glad-handing, taking to everyone–parents, the principal, other teachers; taking snapshots of the elementary students as they performed their events. Disgusting!” Shakes his head … stops and his jaw gets this set sort of look. “I’m gonna do whatever I can to nail this guy!”