Spooky Action . . . Monk Wannabe

Posted by VERITAS
Nailed another CR (cockroach) … by mistake.

You see, I meant to capture it with the plastic container I use for such purposes, placing the container over wherever the CR, whether stationary or moving, happens to be on the floor, then sliding, first a thin, plastic pamphlet cover under the container, then a sturdier piece of cardboard under the cover so that I can then lift the container with its captured CR from the floor without risk of losing it, take it outside, and then free it under some nearby shrubbery that borders a nearby apartment building.

Only thing was, this time things didn’t work out as planned, for you see, the CR was running so fast — or I was so slow — that when I brought the plastic container down over it, it outran the space inside where the container’s sides came down. Specifically, it outran this space to the extent of its head, the result being that its head was severed from its body by the edge of the container. A container guillotine if you will.

I felt quite bummed about this, and was about to look for whatever it was I could use — a junk mail pamphlet or whatever — to smash head and body both in order to put the CR out of its misery, when something quite spooky happened: the CR’s severed head spun 180 degrees to face in the direction of the rest of its body, which was just inside the upside down plastic box.

I didn’t realize a CR’s head had any muscles that would allow the head to accomplish such a movement. … And, if the head in fact doesn’t have any such muscles, then how was the movement accomplished. Was it some sort of “spooky action,” to borrow from Einstein’s view of quantum physics, that allowed this movement — some sort of alignment of quantum spin between atoms in the head and atoms in the rest of the body, or, at least, some something equally mysterious and metaphorically similar?

In a different, imagined life, I am a monk doing perpetual penance for my sins in this life. A monk contentedly sweeping the floor of a temple that is, blessedly, CR-free …