Nice Time

Posted by VERITAS
… talking with two women last night at a Meetup … thank goodness they came to my table! The table I’d chosen because no one was sitting on its U-shaped sofa; because I didn’t want to engage, with anyone; because the table afforded a good view of the club’s main floor, so I could just sit back and observe …

… But the thing was, a part of me did want to engage, so I’d started to feel bummed at the prospect of just observing, then leaving without talking to another soul, and that was when these two attractive woman, who turned out also to be nice, approached and ask if they could sit with me, and we had such nice, intelligent conversation about Meetups, veganism, and various other topics of shared interest, and so nice to be able to gaze at their attractive, intelligent faces as we did so.

The mutual smiles and laughter, the appreciation of one another’s words, thoughts, feelings – all so nice! And gave me some assurance I have the ability to not be such a jerk with women, which I sometimes feel I am … and, most likely, not only feel but sometimes in fact am.