Dreaming at dawn of making the decision to go to a headhunter in search of full-time work and, so dreaming, dream as well of feeling some tremendous sense of release at having possibly solved the problem of providing myself with a secure livelihood—ignoring, in the idealized topography of this dream’s dreamscape, the slight problem of the facts that, in an effort to provide myself with ample time to write, I’ve restricted myself to only part-time work for years and attempted to minimize even that as much as possible, leaving my resume decidedly threadbare in terms of substantial work experience; not to mention my age, having reached, at this juncture in my earthly existence, the big six oh …

… I then emerge from sleep enough to realize that I was experiencing release of another sort as well—peeing in my bed!

Fortunately, quick action allows me to gather up the thin blanket and sheet I sleep on where they’re in the process of being soaked before the urine soaks through to the mattress.

Age-related problems with bladder control? Don’t think so but can’t be sure this isn’t the start of a repeated recurrence of this problem. [November 30th Note: Hasn’t happened since so I think it was an anomaly—not age-related.]

Minimize liquid intake before bedtime! And/or, force myself out of bed for one last bathroom visit before drifting off to sleep.