CR Rehab

Posted by VERITAS
Returning to my apartment, I spot two CRs in my main room; they try to scurry away but with my futon stood up on its end and leaned against the wall (as I started doing after returning from three and a half weeks in the States to find mold, fungus, mildew, or two or three of these in combination growing on the underside of my previous futon, so humid is the baseline environment of my apartment, which I’d left to lie on the floor during my trip) the CRs had a lot of open floor to traverse, allowing me to easily “box” one — that is, place a plastic box over it, which, after sliding a plastic sheet, then a cardboard express mail envelope, then one hard side of a ring binder under the box, allowed me to relocate it to the shrubbery bordering a nearby apartment building — the nearest greenery available.

But with the other CR I was, through not intentionally, just a tad slow, inaccurate, or both with the box so that one of the box’s edges came down on it, causing it substantial injury, smushing part of its lower back area to some significant degree but severing nothing. So, feeling remorse, though the boxing method is the only effective way I’ve found of providing a chance of CRs being caught alive, I don’t take this one to the nearby shrubbery, instead keep it under a box, which I leave in a floorspace below my portable kitchen counter to which I’ve added a small splash of water and and a sprinkling of vegan nutritional powder, hoping it can recuperate before I take it outside.

Of course, I know I could simply not pursue them at all, but a part of me still stiffens at the thought of allowing their presence in my abode to go unchallenged.