Kindness to Animals . . . and Lack Thereof . . .

Posted by VERITAS
About to start reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals” which I’m assuming espouses, among other things, kindness to animals, but I couldn’t be kind at all, last night or this morning, to any pinworms who may have been laying their eggs at / near the entrance to my anus, assuming the activities of these mini beasts – sorry but I can’t help thinking of them in such pejorative terms – were the cause of the infernal itching I was experiencing.  So both times, I didn’t attempt to practice tolerance and do nothing; went straight to the bathroom and laid into them with hypoallergenic wet tissue wipes, quadruple folded so as to minimize any chances of the eggs penetrating the wipes and getting onto my fingers, under my nails, thoroughly washing, with soap, and applying an ethanol spray disinfectant to my fingers / hands each time.  And it worked – the itching immediately ceased!

I’ve also, on previous occasions, offed cockroaches (tagged “CRs” on this site), ants, and a quite large, poisonous-looking (I didn’t want to wait around to risk leaving it be on the chance that it might not be)  spider who’ve made their way into my premises, although I have instituted a “capture-and-release” protocol, in which I attempt to capture CRs and suspect spiders and release them into the “wild” – a patch of shrubs and other plants bordering a nearby apartment building, though ants (the ones I’ve encountered in my digs are quite small) and, much more so, pinworms, due to their size can’t be dealt with through this protocol and so remain subject to such immediate nixing, so I’m certainly no saint in this regard.  Of course, I realize I should attempt to take care of my body and my apartment in ways that will minimize the possibility of such animals making any appearance at all in these venues.