Site-Wide Caveat

That the posts of this site contain and express, on the whole, more dysfunction than health, more blindness than wisdom, more ignorance than knowledge, more of the juvenile and childish (in the pejorative senses) than the mature, and more, generally – and perhaps a great deal more – of demerit than merit may well be assertions with which many, perhaps the great majority, of this site’s visitors would readily agree.

We would hope, nonetheless, that this site’s posts – which, in some sense, may be viewed as one mode of this site’s creator’s search for liberation from the most severely repressive of those shackles, cognitive, emotional, and physical, that were placed upon him by sexual abuse experienced during his childhood – may provide, to at least some visitors, at least some small measure of entertainment and, if only by negative example, edification. But if for you, the person now reading these words, they fail to provide either of these benefits, please accept our apologies for having wasted your time.