Dream Frags

… of a friend suggesting I travel (with …) along the Cascade Range … then traveling down the Pacific Coast (Washington, Oregon) in a seaplane, the sunlight bright, skimming just over the water, and perhaps an inland waterway since there were no waves … 

… and experienced with a positive feeling

Cascade = cc = carbon copy
seaplane = sp = spelling
i.e., swiftness in writing …


    Wake, mood subdued, to the sound of steadily falling rain … perfect weather, in a way, for a closed-in writing day … 

    Writing Focus Not

    Hanging out with my MacBook Air and the nascent file for my new work-in-progress on the 7th floor veranda of the Shin Marunouchi Building … cool weather, completely decent table for writing (I can even position my Air on top of the flat-topped light fixture in the center of the table to get my screen a bit closer to the horizontal alignment of eyes and screen my chiropractor says is ideal), everything fine except for the blasted combination of smooth jazz and smooth hip-hop pouring out of the outside speakers. 

    Memo: Next time bring earphones!

    Muzak in a Japanese Post Office

    “My Beautiful Balloon” … 1960s childhood redux … 



    … near noon, fireball high in the blue
    tree branches filigreed with the
    light green of early spring