Infernal IA

Posted by VERITAS
Returning to the personal and entirely quotidian, the infernal itching has once again made what has recently become its regular morning visit, at and/or shortly following my wake up time, to my anus!

Ok, “infernal” is putting it hyperbolically at this point, but I fear it could become so, thereby disrupting whatever useful focus I might otherwise be able to devote to matters of importance, such as the basic sustainability of human life on this planet, so I believe I can make a cogent argument, indeed, for trying to nip this problem in the bud, or butt crack, before it gets worse.

Now wearing boxers when I sleep, thereby substantially reducing, I would think, skeeters making their way to my butt crack, so what gives?

Googling “itchy anus” plus “symptom of?” the top result appears at, which lists possible causes ranging from washing too much or not enough to “leakage of faeces” (or “feces” – seems to be a British site) to piles to wet wipes to fungal infections to STDs to pinworms to, even, pleasure (“It is worth asking yourself,” suggests the site, “whether you are deriving a perverse, almost erotic, pain/pleasure from scratching the itchy area, which is keeping the irritation going.”  Certainly not the case for me.).

Whatever the cause, I shall follow assiduously various of the listed “How you can help yourself” actions, including proper washing procedures, soaps, etc.

IA, begone!