… dreaming …

… of kissing a woman I love whom I haven’t actually kissed, not on the lips … quite pleasant …

Will it ever actually happen? … Who knows! … In any case a nice dream …

Pleasant Pendulousness

… dream frag of a woman I know — a woman I find quite attractive — going down a water-surfaced slope of some sort of summer play land in a rubber raft, her breasts, which are in fact, to me anyway, of an attractive size and well-proportioned, larger than I remember them to be but just as well-proportioned as in real life and therefore, in the bikini she’s wearing in the dream, even more attractive as, her raft encountering over random bumps as she proceeds down the course, they bounce with a pleasant pendulousness …

“The Road Within”


Posted by VERITAS
Very much enjoyed watching and highly recommend “The Road Within” – excellent story, great acting.

Characters in whose extreme forms of behavior – and related thinking / mental processes – one can see tendencies to which anyone can be prone.  I definitely could for myself anyway.

“Undergrounds” Resonance:
This is very much a movie about self-acceptance, especially acceptance of those aspects of oneself about which one has felt the most ashamed, embarrassed, discomfited, etc., which certainly the case with a substantial amount of the material originating from my “undergrounds” …
As the saying goes, acceptance of where one is in the present provides the only solid basis for change … to the extent that change is possible … and to the extent that change isn’t possible self-acceptance is useful as well.

Butterfly Hard-on

Posted by VERITAS
Walking in the park with a woman I feel attracted to, but so far, in the afternoon time we’ve spent together — walking together; at a cafe — no spontaneous schlong hardening.
Then a butterfly flies into our path and suddenly the woman is trying to avoid it, saying things like, “Butterflies scare me!” as she smiles and laughs playfully, and this behavior on her part somehow quickly gives me a hard-on, which, not knowing how much its shape is showing through my pants, I attempt to divert possible onlooker attention from as we go by several occupied park benches by speaking in an animated voice, with lots of hand gestures.

Dream Blond

Posted by VERITAS
Dream of being in a bed outside a building with a so-attractive blond who’s attracted to me … we start fondling, kissing, making out, even as I worry about whether I have any odor wafting from my anus due to having just taken a shit (however much and properly I may have wiped myself) … but the dream ends nicely, with such tender caresses; sweet, sweet kisses … What’s that? Did we do it, go all the way? To intercourse and beyond? Somehow it wasn’t necessary in order to experience this dream’s perfect bliss.