Tell Governor Brown: No More Fracking Wastewater on Our Food!

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Healthy bodies / healthy planet . . .

Source: Tell Governor Brown: No More Fracking Wastewater on Our Food!

“Undergrounds” Resonance:
Healing from CSA and all the “undergrounds” darkness it produces means focusing, among other things, on nurturing a healthy body through, among other things, being able to eat healthy food, which resonates, of course, with nurturing the conditions for growing such food and, overall, for restoring, to the degree possible, and maintaining a healthy planet.


Here is Food & Water Watch‘s suggested message, using the above link, to send to California’s Governor Brown:
“I urge you to stop the sale of toxic oil and frack wastewater to irrigate crops in California. This water carries dangerous chemicals like acetone and benzene. This practice has not been proven safe, so it should not continue.

This wastewater is not tested for chemicals used in fracking and oil production. There is absolutely no way for us to know whether and how much of these dangerous chemicals are getting into our food supply and onto dinner plates across the country.

Water sampling conducted by the organization Water Defense over the past two years found high levels of the industrial solvents acetone and methylene chloride in the irrigation canals. These chemicals are toxic to humans, and methylene chloride is a known carcinogen.”