Twinge of Envy

Posted by VERITAS
. . . admitting to a twinge of envy of those who have faced profound injustice and suffering but who have managed to overcome / work through / etc. and get their lives more or less fully on track at a young age – by their 20s or 30s say – while I feel I, at 60, continue, sometimes, to struggle mightily with negative CSA-related baggage from my past . . .

. . . At the same time, one has to work with where one’s currently at, regardless of where that might be, to get to a better place.

Older Unmarrieds

Posted by VERITAS
To All the Older Unmarrieds (Whether Never or Divorced) Not Otherwise in a Permanent Relationship:
A friend celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary on social media … a cake and smiles with her spouse … brings a twinge of envy as well as sadness that I haven’t had – at least so far . . . and time is growing short! – a similar arc in an intimate relationship … but then a recognition, as well, that the difference in my path can yield its own unique positive meaning for my life, and, I hope, the lives of others.