Age Blanks

Posted by VERITAS
Taking a taxi to a hotel to catch a bus to the airport, I and the driver start chatting and the conversation migrates from the weather to the driver’s interest in American and British music, especially music from the 60s as he’s an older man, so he starts talking about how nice the lyrics of songs from the 60s are — such as the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, and Peter, Paul, and Mary, and I want to ask him if he likes to sing karaoke but I can’t for the life of me remember the word “karaoke,” and then he starts talking about how he transferred the music from his vinyls to CDs using a computer and I want to ask him if he prefers analog to digital sound but, again, for the life of me, I can’t remember the word “digital”! And so I’m thinking, “Christ! Am I having a stroke!?”

Or, god or brain forbid, is it the big A?!

Or is it simply part of the normal aging process?

In any case, I’m thinking, “I need to get as much writing done as soon as I can! Before my mind goes any further!”

Insomnia … Money … Death … Serenity

Posted by VERITAS
Lying awake, middle of the night, worried about money—whether my revenue streams will dry up, my funds run out, and facing homelessness and starvation, I’ll no longer be able to write . . .
Still, it’s peaceful in the moment—with the sound of the fan going, soft, cushioning the otherwise silence . . .

OFFND (Obsessive Fear of Forgetting Name Disorder)

Posted by VERITAS
… being assailed by a fear, when engaged in conversation with another person, of getting their name wrong if I venture to say it, even though I’m 99% sure I have their name right . . . with the result that I’ll sometimes not once utter the other person’s name during the entirety of a conversation …