Posted by VERITAS
I dream I’m teaching some sort of math class to high school age students and I suddenly realize it’s time for some sort of mid-class break and that I may have given the students far too long to do the in-class assignment I’d given them.
Then, as I leave the classroom for the break, I realize I’m completely naked and that the students have been seeing me that way — though they hadn’t given any indication of this; had seemed in fact to basically be ignoring me — so I go into some sort of side room that has an earthen floor — with the floor mossy and some grass growing from it; sort of a run-down room, with warped, unpainted, wood plank walls that let in only a modicum of sunlight through the cracks between the planks but still I don’t have a bad feeling about the room itself even as I frantically try to get into some clothes — which somehow seem to be at hand — as quickly as possibly while thinking how I’m going to handle the class when I return to the classroom … and that’s when I wake up …

… Thank god — or the subconscious-receptive state of my mind or whatever — I started remembering the dream after several confused-feeling seconds during which I didn’t think I would … confused-feeling and with a feeling, as well, of great tiredness, because, it seems, remembering the dream immediately resolved these feelings, bringing, in place of tiredness and confusion, feelings of restfulness and clarity.
… And I had a fantastic hard-on to boot (but not due to any of the dream’s contents, as far as I recall anyway–just to my regular, morning wake-up hard-on coming through big time with the resolution of the negative energy situation due to remembering the dream).