Posted by VERITAS
On a flight to the US, ANA-operated (ANA interior-designed plane; ANA flight crew) thank goodness–the attendants so polite, the economy class food decent, the restrooms clean and spacious — all of these in contrast to what I’ve typically experienced with the American carrier with whom this flight code-shared (and with any other American carrier for that matter).

Also, hi-tech monitors (well-functioning) for each seat with a plentiful menu of movies, TV shows, music, games, and such–no more stone age one item projected on group monitors, one-size-fits-all whether you like it or not, or individual monitors but with fuzzy screens, poor navigation, and a comparatively (as I recall flights operation by the American carrier) parsimonious menu selection.

One thing that hasn’t changed — the speed of the planes, length of the flights, and since this flight’s from Tokyo to New York City, it’s long … and my legs and butt have started aching soooo much in this economy class seat which, even if this plane’s interior is ANA-designed, still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of space and comfort (though with more leg room, I believe, than that of planes interior-designed by the American carrier).

At least they don’t seem to have any problem with me standing up for a while, now and then, behind the aisle seat on my side of the last row of my section of the plane, which provides enough relief to endure the sitting.

Going back for another short visit; now in my twenty-sixth year of being an expat. Will I ever return to live?