Bitch Dom Birth Canal

Posted by VERITAS
Hey, Bitch Dom; yo, my main woman!  What it is!  What’s the word!
Got a question for ya:
Why, in my fantasies, do we frequently seem to meet at the entrance of a hallway – the front hallway of your digs, down which you often lead me collared – i.e., attached  to you – by a silver chain umbilical-cord-like in its slippery smoothness?
Do these fantasies involve some sort of return to the womb, with your digs, by their layout, providing the wombspace-like venue for their occurrence?

Jacking Update

Posted by VERITAS

Jacked to the usual Bitch Dom fantasies (with the not unusual, at least lately, ending variation) … of jacking off in front of her while saying, “I’m your slave!” over and over … of showing up at her doorstep, being let in by auto-lock, waiting naked (I never imagine taking my clothes off — they’re just off, like a jump cut in a movie) on all fours at the front of her entrance hallway for her to come and get me … of her coming, almost naked, clad only black silk underwear or leather cum high heels, to get me … of me kissing her feet … of her placing the smooth silver chain around my neck and leading me down the hallway … of her applying the calendula oil to my nipples … of her fondling my nipples, getting me hard, helping me to jack …

Ending variation: … the DSM (domination/sado-masochism) part falls away and I’m just fucking her, usually from behind (though vaginally, not anally) … I come inside her …

Interpretation of the DSM Part:

As I’ve said before, I think it all goes back to the conditions that prevailed in my family of origin when I was an infant and toddler — with my father, I’m guessing, even then sexually abusing me; sexually stimulating me in various ways; with me being in utter thrall to my mother — naturally, as she was my mother; with me finding her so utterly beautiful, being a slave to her beauty in a sense; but with my mother being oblivious to my father’s abuse, not protecting me from it, and, I suspect, reacting negatively to whatever acting out behavior I was exhibiting – for example, spanking me, perhaps, if she saw me repeatedly masturbating … and so the Bitch Dom is, as I see her, sort of an amalgam of my mother and father, but with an added intentionality of wanting to see me suffer; wanting to make me feel sexually powerless and manipulated, humiliated, and so forth and so on — this intentionality my mind added completely on its own, I believe, for I don’t believe that either my mother or my father were being intentionally sadistic, etc.  (Yes, I believe my father was that much in denial of what he was doing to me when he sexually abused me.)

And why would my mind add this component of intentionality?  Because, I think, then, at least, someone possesses control over everything I was, in fact, experiencing — the mixture of erotic pleasure and humiliation; of having no control over the situation; etc. — as an infant and toddler.  The Bitch Dom provides an element of rationality and control over a situation that, in real life, felt extremely dangerous, chaotic, and out of control.