Back at my apartment from my walk in the park, I begin to Thích Nhất Hạnh my movements, performing every action–the pouring of water, the consumption of food, the taking off and putting on of clothes, and so on–with the greatest of care, deliberate slowness, sensing, after dropping my iPhone when removing it from my pants pocket, an absolute need to focus as completely as possible on the Now …

… passing through Ikebukuro Station, I find myself walking in the direction of a lone man in business garb (slacks, suit jacket, button shirt, tie) standing in front of an otherwise deserted bank of ticket machines as he rails, raves, screams full out at no one or everyone or phantoms (is he saying something about gaijins–foreigners?)
I note but don’t accede to an impulse to smirk as I start moving away at an angle, manage to feel some empathy, compassion for his suffering …

Dream Rendezvous

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Taking a brief – less than ten minute – nap, I dreamed I was going to Crayonhouse to have dinner at their organic restaurant with Thích Nhất Hạnh – that or to observe Thích Nhất Hạnh having dinner – the mindfulness of his eating.

Hard Day

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… a day when the slightest imperfection, in myself or my environment, starts to feel intolerable; when, once home, I find myself attempting to do everything — from pouring water into a mug and drinking from the mug to plugging in my iPhone’s charger cable and attaching it to my iPhone to spreading almond butter on carrot sticks and eating the almond-buttered sticks — with the slowness, deliberation, and concentration of Thích Nhất Hạnh practicing mindfulness movement … seeking inner calm … acceptance of the way things are in all their imperfection …

… or does the way I’m performing such movement lack an essential degree of inner calm and border on a control-freakish obsession with not wanting to create any further imperfection … ?