Resonance of Suffering

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As I brush my teeth I hear in the bass resonances of the water American bombers overhead, ready to rain napalm fire on Tokyo …

To A Crisp

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Having my weekly shiatsu on my birthday and the next customer comes in — 89 year-old woman; was a teen living in shitamachi (the traditional, downtown area of Tokyo, its neighborhoods solid at the time with wood frame homes–ready kindling); was there the night of March 9-10, 1945 — the American firebombing — and somehow managed to survive; saw the babies, and others, burned to a crisp–charcoal in human form…

"Tokyo kushu 1945-3" by English: Ishikawa Kōyō - 写真のアップローダが出典を示していないのでどこからこの写真を持ってきたのか不明だが、該当写真は1953年8月15日発行の「東京大空襲秘録写真集」(雄鶏社刊)の12, 13ページに「道路一杯に横たわる焼死体、誰とも知れぬ一片の灰のかたまりにすぎないが…」のキャプション付きで掲載されているので著作権問題はクリアされている。. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Firebombing of Tokyo – Charred Bodies

"Tokyo kushu 1945-2" by English: Ishikawa Kōyō - 写真のアップローダが出典を示していないのでどこからこの写真を持ってきたのか不明だが、該当写真は1953年8月15日発行の「東京大空襲秘録写真集」(雄鶏社刊)の13ページに「年若い母と子の命を奪つた3月10日の猛火の跡」のキャプション付きで掲載されているので著作権問題はクリアされている。. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Tokyo Firebombing – Charred Body of a Woman Who Was Carrying a Child on Her Back

… Also once saw MacArthur, she says, riding in a jeep through Ginza once the Occupation had set in; said he was as handsome in real life as he looked in pictures, wearing his sunglasses, holding the bowl of his corncob pipe, surveying the passing scene as the jeep moved down the street to stop in front of the GHQ where he dismounted, went in.  The woman says Japanese loved MacCarthur because they could feel he loved Japan …

… My eyes grow wet, tears flow under the layers of thin towels S-san, the shiatsu therapist-magician, has placed over my face, as I hear these things … My session ends, I get off the massage table, say hello to the woman, that it was nice to meet her. “Your cheeks are red,” S-san says, smiling tenderly as I prepare to leave. “That’s OK right?” I answer.  S-san smiles, nods.